Traveling in the Off-Season

We’ve had a few people ask us if traveling to Destin during an off-peak time is a good idea … and the answer is definitely YES!  Any time is a good time for the beach as far as we’re concerned!  But there are some pros and cons to consider, because it’s YOUR vacation after all.  🙂

Some advantages of the off-season (October through February) include:

  • Less crowds, both with traffic and at the beach
  • Milder weather
  • More “green flag” days, with calmer ocean conditions
  • Lower travel costs

We especially loved our visit at Thanksgiving one year, where the beach was sparsely populated and the sea was as smooth as glass.  It was a little too cool for swimming, but the scenery was perfect.

A few other things to consider about the off-season:

  • Beach services (umbrella and chairs) may not be offered
  • Some attractions and activities may have limited hours or will be closed
  • You may encounter more construction noise, depending on where you stay; off-peak times are ideal for property owners to renovate

No matter when you visit, you know you can count on the stunning Emerald Coast as the perfect backdrop to your vacation.  With some planning and consideration of the pros and cons, off-peak travel to Destin may be just what you’re looking for!


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