The Back Porch

In this blog, we plan to dive deep into our local recommendations so you can plan your stay and get the most out of your time in Destin!

Our first recommendation is for one of our very favorite restaurants: The Back Porch. Not only is it easy to find from the condo (directly across the street) it’s got yummy food and drinks, perfect views, and a super-chill vibe.

The Back Porch looks just like its name, with picnic tables and indoor/outdoor style seating.  Go during an off-peak time to secure one of the best seats and enjoy an ocean view while you eat. This is NOT the place to dress up … expect sandy floorboards and salt air!

Not everyone in our family likes seafood, so luckily The Back Porch’s menu is varied and hits everyone’s tastebuds. Some of our favorite items are the grilled grouper and amberjack sandwiches and the beach cheeseburger (and one of us loooooves the coleslaw side dish). My dad also raves about the raw oysters, but he’s the only one in our crowd who likes them. Desserts include beach-inspired offerings like key lime pie and sunshine orange cake, but I’ll be honest, we usually don’t have room for dessert!

The kids’ menu items are served on a real plastic frisbee, which is a fun add-on to your beach bag or a cool souvenir to take home. And adults, we totally recommend Happy Hour, where you can get a Yuengling on draft or the Ultimate Back Porch Punch, two of the best-ever vacation drinks.

The Back Porch also has a small gift shop, which we usually opt to pass by. No extra souvenirs needed when you have your frisbee 🙂

*No recommendations are ever sponsored. These are genuine recs from our personal experiences.*

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