Big Kahuna’s

If you’ve been to Destin before, you probably know of Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park. It’s pretty hard to miss from U.S. 98!

The first time we ever went to Big Kahuna’s was when I was in college (yes, you read that right).  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

The water park is like you would expect – tons of slides, wave pools, kiddie areas – but there’s just something special about it being in Destin. It’s hard to pinpoint. Maybe it’s the fun of being around a bunch of people who are also on vacation; maybe it’s because there’s so much to do.

We’ve been back multiple times since that first visit and here are our best tips for a great day at the park:

  • Plan ahead and buy your tickets online
  • Look at the park map ahead of time and plan your first few stops
  • Go early (then you still have time to hit the beach later!)
  • Don’t try to bring food or drinks with you; they’re not allowed
  • Pack more sunscreen and towels than you think you’ll need

Also know that this is Florida, so storms and rainshowers happen in the blink of an eye! But Big Kahuna’s is pretty good about watching the weather and if they close for longer than an hour because of weather, you’ll get a ticket to come back for free!

A few more words of advice: The “Adventure Park” part of Big Kahuna’s includes a min-golf course and a few thrill rides. We’ve done the mini-golf and enjoyed it (but wear your insect repellent if you go at dusk!) and we have not tried the rides – those aren’t my jam.  🙂

Whether you have kids or not, Big Kahuna’s is still BIG fun! If you go, have fun, be safe, and enjoy the ride(s).

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